"I have been calling Kathie Christine for her intuitive consult for well over a decade--several times each year. It amazes me how accurate she always is. Even when I think she tells me something that could not possibly happen, I am astonished when it does. She speaks with our angels and guides. Kathie is truly gifted and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her!" --Dr. Paul, PhD (Washington State)


"I have enjoyed the opportunity to know Kathie over the past 11 years. She is a gift and she is gifted. I have the highest regard for her both personally and professionally. Kathie's readings  provide clear guidance to help me gain greater clarity on many personal concerns. She is compassionate, accurate and practical. Her consultations serve to heal and enhance my life experiences and I am grateful.  I highly recommend her as an expert in her field. "  - Mel 


"I have been going to Kathie for over 10 years now for readings and spiritual advice and I have always walked away feeling 100 percent better and more informed from her than I have from anyone else that I have met that has a gift like hers.  Kathie has always been right on about anything that I have ever asked her. To me she is more connected than a lot of people that I have ever known. She has always been very kind and very helpful with everything that I have asked from her. It has been amazing how many things that she has been right about and how many things that she has told me about my future that has come true already. I would and always will tell people about her and will always send people to her for what ever it is that they need. Because I know for sure that they will walk away very happy that they have met someone like her." - Tom Y. (Ohio)


"Kathie is one of those rare psychics who gives the profession a better name.  I am a healthy skeptic. I offer no information upfront, and just ask, “Tell me what you see.” – Within our first meeting she was able to pick up on detailed things that were specific to my life and my family. Her predictions were clear and accurate. She never over-promised of filled empty air with fluff. She remains a valuable resource for me, to this day. I have recommended Kathie to family, friends and business colleagues because of her responsible and accurate readings."   M. Taylor  (NYC.)


"Unexpectedly, a good friend of mine died..he was like a brother to me and Kathie explained that it was an aneurism and eventually the autopsy reported the same findings. . . . Kathie seems to have a 6th sense.  She is very caring and authentic with her readings.  My mother was in hospice and I asked her if she thought she would live much longer.  Her response was not to worry about my mother, but that my teenage son was at risk." - Barbara (Colorado)


"Kathie Christine Delano is one of the most wonderful woman, I have ever known. She has been so helpful and truthful to me, in so many ways.  I feel like, I have known her my entire life.  You would do well to promote her readings, and you will find out yourself - how helpful they are.  My best to you in your endeavors, to help others." - Jo Ann

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