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While Kathie Christine has been interested in spirituality from a very young age, it wasn’t until her life hit a low point, that she realized her talent and love for being an intuitive and reiki healer.

Kathie, who has been working as a psychic reader for 30 years, first became interested in spirituality at the age of 10 when she read a series of articles in her local newspaper about a woman who was hypnotized for allergies. While in a hypnotic state, the woman received information about her own past life as an Irish woman named, Bridey Murphy.  The revelations were so interesting that the newspaper sent reporters to Ireland to confirm or deny the information about Bridey—and it turned out to be true. Bridey did indeed live and die in Ireland!

It was enough to hook Kathie on metaphysics and spark her interest in past lives, spirit communications, and angels. However, it wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she developed this interest in her life work.

Struggling with a failed marriage and family problems, Kathie turned inward and sought to make a change in her life.

“At a very low time in my life, I needed to do something to move myself away from my depressed state. It was in the summertime and I just sat on the couch and cried,” she said. 

Then one day, a community college catalogue arrived in her mailbox. A para-psychology class caught her eye and she signed up for it at the local college. There, she learned to meditate and connect with her guides and angels.

“I read and studied everything I could and meditated daily,” she said.

 However, the reading and studying were for her own benefit, and she did not initially intend to share her gift with the world.  It was actually the urging of her guides that prompted her to start her business.

“In one my meditations, one of my guides said, ‘Have business cards printed’,” she said. Even though she was resistant, she got the cards printed as directed. And fate intervened again.

“On my birthday, as I was going to class and my guide told bring my cards, but I didn’t want to,” she said. She attempted to start her car, but the car would not turn over: “Then I heard the kindest, most gentle voice say to me, ‘Kathie, get the cards.’ My car would not start until I got the cards! It’s such a beautiful part of my life, I don’t know why I resisted.”

Divinely guided, her business took off and she soon started studying Reiki. (Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.). She became a Reiki Master (a person certified to teach reiki).

“I wanted to expand my skill set and expertise and I took a reiki class and absolutely fell in love with it,” Kathie said.

Kathie believes that her intuitive work helps people heal and gives them peace through getting good information from their guides.

“I do this because I feel that information is powerful for the person I am talking to.  I feel like the guidance received is pretty practical,” she said, “The readings give them a deeper look into things, not just what is in the physical, it is a bigger view of things.  The information gives them direction and courage to make changes.” She concluded: “I think it brings people peace. Every single person feels their angel, even though they may not realize it.”

About Kathie’s Readings

Before a reading, Kathi

e gets into a meditative state and then says a prayer that the information that she receives is spiritual, clear and that her opinions and judgment are gone.  Loving beings that assist her in a reading include: Angels, (Arch Angels and the client’s personal guardian Angel), and Spirit guides, (her and the clients). Additionally, the client's loved ones who have transitional into spirit, may also show up. Their guidance is practical, loving, informative, and, at times, humorous. Her readings are by appointment, in person or on the phone.

Reiki Classes

Kathie also teaches Reiki for anyone interested in becoming a healer.  She will hold a class for six or more people who want to participate.

Kathie is based in Colorado. Kathie can travel to other states teach classes for six or more. Contact her for details.

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